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Types Of Care Services

The different care options available for the Elderly

Picking the right option in terms of care services for an aging loved one can be a difficult task, as there are several factors that need to be considered before you narrow down on a selection. The amount of care required, budget available and proximity of the facility are just some of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Here are the care options that are currently available for the elderly in the UK

1. Help at Home

Help at home or domiciliary care, as it is often called refers to when an individual stays in their own home but needs extra support in daily activities. The daily activities like washing, dressing and laundry are usually performed by a care worker who visits the home on a regular basis. Help at home can be of different types to, such as:

Personal care

Certain seniors may require help with their personal grooming like dressing and baths, a domiciliary professional may help with these tasks.


This entail tasks such as having the home cleaned and meals prepared, these are not carried out by the above mentioned care workers, but by house helps.

In-house Nursing

Certain conditions may require frequent specialized nursing from qualified nurses. While care homes with nursing facilities are recommended in these cases, nurses can also visit/stay with patients in their own home.


With so much importance given to the physical aspect, the mental aspects for seniors is often ignored. Companionship services can brighten up an isolated individual's day by having someone they can chat and discuss things with.

2. Care Home

If you feel, your loved one needs more care than can be provided in their own home or in a sheltered housing community, then a care home is the best choice. They are staffed 24-hours a day and provide meals as well as personal care such as washing and dressing. There are a certain different types of care homes options available depending on the needs of the individual, such as :


This refers to a care facility which provides 24-hour personal support to those with a condition that requires frequent specialized nursing from qualified nurses along with the usual accommodation and meals.

Dementia Care

Dementia requires care professionals to work delicately when caring for patients of the disease. Only certain specialized care homes are appropriately equipped to treat Dementia patients in order to make them feel comfortable and safe.


This refers to a care facility that provides accommodation, meals and 24-hour personal care for those who find it increasingly difficult to cope at home without assistance. Also known as assisted living.